Forensics And Fun Of Technology

Have you ever wondered how fun it would be if the complex algorithms, programs and functions of the computing world were to be broken down in details, and laid out in front of you? Perhaps the geeks who are glued to their screens with miles of codes, which escape the grasp of common men, find it way more amusing than seeing a chimp performing tricks. After all, these seemingly boring, and even strenuous task of creating and uncovering these codes are nothing short of a technological marvel, a language only the best trained cadets would understand, and would unite these people through a common language.

Benefits of Having the Forensics Part:

The field of forensics takes a dig at the analysis and deeper understanding of the codes created by developers to carry out a certain task, via programmable algorithms. imagine the role of police in a society, where the personnel are put in place to keep the society running, and not bet on the possibility of chaos which might occur; the same applies for a computer system as well.

Forensics in applied data is a system of checks and balances put in place which is activated once a system fails to perform at levels optimum, or creates an altogether different result than the desired one. To prevent the whole system from being dragged into chaos, and a chain reaction from occurring in the whole connected world, the forensics experts, or the algorithms rather, are deployed judiciously to deal with the situation.

Social Aspects:

Every action which takes place in the small confinement of the laboratory is bound to be replicated on a far larger scale in the society itself. The laboratory versions are essentially scaled down versions of a working model, and are tested rigorously inside a system of checks and balances to evaluate almost all of the parameters, whether estimated or unknown.

Once the system is found to be satisfactory the system is allowed to connect to the rest of the planetā€™s computing network, and is utilized for the benefit of the society. The same is applied for the forensics as well. The system of checks and balances are tested and simulations are carried out to evaluate how large a mess the system can withstand. Once the system is found to be satisfactory, or meets all its stated objectives, it is released in the broader aspects of the society.

Next Generation Technologies:

Devices such as smart wearable and action cameras require equipment known for their precision functioning. Imagine the social security system which stores tons of data of every individual opens a treasure trove of data in the name of a free background check initiated by some end user or program.

This is a nightmare scenario for every possible individual since the leaked data can be used to manipulate a whole range of social variables. The next generation technologies would employ the full spectrum of the forensics labs to ascertain the reliability as well as the security of their technologies before going online.