AccessiBe – A Powerful AI Empowered Solution to Boost Web Accessibility to Everyone Online

Everyone has different needs when it comes to web accessibility. However, some sites have issues restricting access to users, especially people with disabilities. This is where a tool is needed to arrest and mitigate these accessibility issues so that every user faces no problems when it comes to website navigation online.

AccessiBe- Dedicated to aid users with the skills, tools, and knowledge for web accessibility

AccessiBe is a web accessibility solution empowered with artificial intelligence designed to make website accessibility immediate, automatic, and affordable to everyone. This system deploys AI technologies to ensure sites have compatibility with screen readers. The solution knows how to analyze, scan, and understand the structure of the site, the roles of its elements, forms, and much more to make them compliant with all the accessibility standards laid out under WCAG 2.1.

A learning hub for product managers, developers, and designers

This market leader in the field of web accessibility announced the launch of two innovative products to boost Internet accessibility for those with physical disabilities –

  1. access Flow is a platform dedicated to web designers, engineering teams, solo developers, web designers, and experts in web accessibility. It offers a dashboard for all the accessibility needs of a project. Developers are able to get all the tools they need to enhance accessibility to its optimal levels. These tools include alerting, monitoring, tracking, suggesting for making accessibility development simple with pipelines for CI/CD and testing automation. Besides the above, this platform offers professional services and the best practices to aid web professionals in creating websites and applications with Native Accessibility that is built-in tech stacks and the development lifecycle.
  1. accessCampus- This platform is an online learning solution for those who are willing to delve into the complicated world of disabilities, web accessibility, and WCAG by making the learning experience simple and streamlined. This unique platform offers learners the opportunity to use interactive self-learning resources via a strict syllabus with reading materials, videos, tests, WCAG qualifications, lectures, and quizzes that have been developed and designed by experts in web accessibility and users with physical disabilities who have shared their personal experiences and problems with regard to the above.

With this unique online platform, professionals related to the above field, like product managers, web engineers, and designers, can effectively and easily learn more on the subject of web accessibility, how it functions and how they can create Native Accessibility in their services products. The platform also gives them information on how they can maintain accessibility.

The AI technology in AccessiBe, in collaboration with Clarifaiand Google, offers you a correct text alternative to site images helping people with visual impairments to be aware of what is on the screen. This solution is mostly used by individuals with Parkinson’s Disease and other similar motor impairments. It automatically makes sure that sites are completely navigable with the tab key on its own for tasks like popups, dropdown menus, and forms. Besides the above, other navigable elements with visible focuses can be clicked onto with the enter key. Notable brands that use this unique solution are Lexus, Billabong, GoPro, Wilson Sonsini, and Pacific Life.