Rich Copy Data Replication And Migration Software

When your whole business or working is dependent upon technology you get to know about the latest innovations. Those who saves their official and confidential files in their computer’s and laptop need to transfer essential data from user face to server. While you transfer small files its easy to get the job done in few minutes. Sometimes when the file size is large and server is not proper, migration process becomes hectic. At such times you need a tool which can easily transfer your large files to other destination.

Rich copy is easy and flexible copying tool

When you want to copy your open or locked files only in modified mode you should try Rich Copy. This is a smart software which works flawlessly on any server. If you contact IT experts they always recommend you rich copy as it can migrate more than millions files. Sometimes when you lose your important documents rich copy could be a data recovery tool. Rich copy is simple yet powerful tool to replicate all data.

Sometimes you want to format your device to make space for new data. You need to take back up of thousands of files in other server. The process of taking back up of files or synchronisation is typically stressful. Sometimes server don’t cooperate, sometimes a part of data is backed up and little left. All these problems leads to big disaster when you are unable to back up the whole data. Rich copy is the software which can replicate, synchronise and migrate data easily.

Rich copy is free available on any server or network

The tedious task Rich copy can do for you with ease. Other software and related data recovery programmes cost you high. You can say rich copy is multi thread programming that serves you to solve multiple issues. If you do data migration manually it will be tedious and time taking. When you use rich copy which is rebust technology you just can sit aside. Rich copy is alone software which stands on enterprises standard. It can copy more than 1 PB files at a time without any hindrance.  No matter you are transferring data to virtual or physical destination it can do the job effortlessly.

Enterprises version of rich copy has more advanced features

If you download standard rich copy solution it would be free of cost. If you want enterprises version you will get all advanced features. Yes of course you have to pay little for enterprises version. This version is capable of transferring data through WAN or VPN tunnel through remote transfer agent. If you are using standard version you can easily replace with enterprises. The migrated or recovered data will be regained when you upgrade your software.

Rich copy software do not require any license for remote transfer agent. Once you will pay the enterprises version charge you don’t have to pay in future for any up gradation. If you see from security point of view your data is not stored in any third party hand. There is no worry of your data theft.