Proper Backlink Analysis for You Now

You must check the positioning of the referring site in relation to your keywords (we will see the best tools to use to analyze referrals in the next article). Indeed, this is the most important criterion. Even by following your competitors, their referring sites are not always well positioned. We must therefore retain those who are beneficial and get rid of the rest. You must always analyze the keywords, whether you are in the same theme or that the referring site leads a theme close to yours. As you buy backlinks  you can come up with the best details now.

The quality of the referent site:

The analysis of the quality of the referent site: in other words, to see if it satisfies the conditions of Google from the point of view of notoriety, clarity, confidence and expertise. Google’s new algorithm update highlights the site’s credibility, readability and effectiveness. These points are also valid when working on your own site. Indeed, this facilitates the acceptance of your backlink by referring sites. 

Another particular criterion but not to neglect:

Verification of the situation of referring sites (more precisely directories). Even if positioned, if the referral sites are not up to date or maintained, they should be avoided, as they may be broken links to the future and this can affect the visibility of your site. Also to avoid, directories that require a mandatory return link.

An important remark

There are SEO agencies that can promise you to increase your visibility in record time. Do not fall into their trap. In reality, netlinking is a medium to long-term SEO strategy like all SEO techniques for that matter. The only way to do this in a minimum of time is to use the technique of black hat (illegal technique: positioning itself artificially and not limited to natural traffic) which is denounced by Google. It can put your website at the forefront, but only for a short time before Google’s algorithms discover the violation and end up penalizing you by declassifying your site.


SEO looks like an empirical science whose external netlinking isone of the branches. All of the above information is just the general part of the beginning of this branch. Coming soon, we will explain in more detail all the parts mentioned here.

Google’s SEO algorithm is increasingly complex and accurate. Today, it is almost essential to adopt a netlinking strategy for effective SEO. This strategy consists of the integration of links in its website on the one hand, but it is especially to be mentioned by other sites via backlinks.