Convert SQLite Database into MS Excel Spreadsheet

Converting SQLite Database To Excel And Excel To SQLite Data In Android

Many database specialists use SQLite in their projects due to simple design, efficiency, economy, and independence. SQLite databases are often considered as an embedded data storage for applications. Sometimes it is required to have visual representation of data or an easy-to-use tool for manipulations on the data. Microsoft Excel is ideally suitable for this purpose, so the task is to convert SQLite database into MS Excel spreadsheet.

Importing SQLite data into MS Excel

The most straight forward approach to conversion of SQLite database into MS Excel spreadsheet is to access the source database from Microsoft Excel using ODBC Driver for SQLite. Once ODBC Driver is installed, MS Excel allows to import the data directly into the spreadsheet as follows:

  • Go to the ‘Data’ tab in Excel, expand the ‘Get Data’ drop-down list and select‘From Other Sources > From ODBC’ menu item
  • In ‘From ODBC’dialog window specify your data source name (DSN)
  • In the new window select the table to retrieve data from and click ‘Load’ 

Another solution of the same task is the Query Wizard that can be used to create a simple query for retrieving data from SQLite to Excel via ODBC driver:

  • Open Excel and click ‘Data’ tabin the main menu
  • Go to ‘From Other Sources’ dropdown menu, and then click ‘From Microsoft Query’
  • Choose the data source you want to connect in the appeared dialog
  • After connection succeeds you can select the data to import into MS Excel and click ‘Next’
  • Select option ‘Return Data To Microsoft Excel’ and then click ‘Finish’
  • In ‘Import Data’ dialog you can specify how the data is browsed in Excel and where to place it inside the worksheet. Then click OK.

After these steps the data is imported into MS Excel successfully.

Special Tools

If you are not comfortable about doing all the steps listed above, choose to use dedicated third-party software. These tools are designed to automate SQLite to Excel conversion with just a few clicks of mouse buttons and offer various options to customize the procedure. One such tool is SQLite-to-Excel developed by Intelligent Converters software company.SQLite-to-Excel offers key features as follows

  • Support for all versions of SQLite
  • Does not require any middleware (such as ODBC drivers)
  • Support for multibyte character sets
  • Option to store conversion settings into profile for next use
  • Support for command line to automate the conversion

Quality of the converter can be tested using free demo version that converts only 50 rows per table, all other features are preserved. You can find more information about SQLitetoExcel converter on the official product page.