7 Common Marketing Mistakes People Make on Social Networks

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Regularly, too many marketing mistakes are made by companies on social networks. Often the same, here are those to avoid.

#1: Making too many promotional messages

As I always advise people whenever I have the chance, it is necessary today to give before receiving. Internet users on social networks are there for all the reasons in the world except to see advertising. You can, for example offer content, free, quality (advice for example) to attract their attention. But one tip: do not abuse them with promotional messages.

#2: Not putting Designs in the publications

Or put in, but without following current trends. The visual is what will attract the eye of the user, be it a photo or a video. Before you publish: watch. Look at the most popular pages and accounts, even those influencers that are not necessarily part of your industry. It’s a real way to immerse yourself in current trends. And above all, focus on quality: a photo, for example should not be pixelated or blurred.

#3: Publishing without a strategy

It is useless to go on a social network without having thought upstream to the essential questions: why be present? What to publish? Who to aim? How? All these questions may seem trivial, but it is essential to answer them precisely so as not to scatter or confuse things up.

#4: Prioritizing Quantity over Quality

We all know a certain collective addiction: we are constantly solicited, dragged from articles to articles, publications to publications, notifications in suggestions, etc. Do not hesitate to swim against the current by proposing less content if necessary, but always favoring quality over quantity.

#5: Ignoring the Video

Many companies are very cautious about video. They do not dare to launch, while this format could clearly take off their accounts, and their sales in parallel. Video is a real way to humanize the business, and believe me: putting a voice and a face behind a social network, changes everything. You can check out some experts like Rebl House to help you with your videos; they tend to know that stuff better.

#6: Not Getting Up to Date

Social networks evolve considerably, very quickly. Instagram for example, little used by brands a few years ago, has conquered a very large number of companies in just one year. Also, do you know how to add link in instagram, check it out. 

Its use has evolved at the same time: for example, you cannot miss stories as a brand. It is, therefore, necessary to always update to know where your target is going (change of network?) And which functionalities of the network it uses.

#7: Forgetting the return on investment

This ties in with my point about strategy, but do not forget the “post social network” user experience. If your goal is to increase your sales, do social networks really allow you to increase your sales now? If not, you must surely review your strategy.