3 Tips to Follow When Installing a TV Wall Mount

Once you have chosen the best PrimeCables TV wall mount for your home, it is time to install it. If you are going DIY with this, let this article be your best friend.

  • Seek the stud

Sometimes they can be deceptive, depending on the basis of wall placements they are used on. Exterior walls can be a tad bit chaotic because the walls are made of concrete and other building materials. They can also consider false positives which is a no-no when it comes to installing a wall mount TV. So, go slow, make the most of the painters tape to mark the stud and then take the measurements. Mark 3 studs to the minimum and if equally spaced then they are correctly measured.

  • Keep up with the wall mount directions

Ensure to pay heed to the instructions on the user manual of your TV wall mount. First things first, mark lightly with a pencil the corners that will be touched by your TV hitting the walls. Mark the top and bottom holes on each TV mounting arm. Make sure it is levelled. Hold the wall mount to the wall. Ensure the leveling again and then drill the holes. Install the wall bracket plate to the wall securely. Attach the mount to wall making sure of the leveling. Only drill the screw halfway, check leveling again, adjust if required and then drill the screws. Attach the mounting plate to your TV’ back. Attach the A/V cables to your TV. Mount it to the wall making sure that the TV is completely secure before you step back.

  • Leveling

Your TV may look perfectly mounted, but the job isn’t done here. If your TV looks slightly askew, don’t give up. Firmly, yet carefully, force the TV to level it by holding it on its sides. If the bolts aren’t overtightened, there is a tad bit of a wiggle room for flexibility and leveling capacity. Follow this step very carefully as it can damage everything. Try taking off the TV from the wall and loosen the bolts to hold it to the mount arms. Then, reinstall the bolts after pressing the arms in either direction to level it a bit more. Reinstall the TV to check if that works. If it doesn’t, repeat the steps on the wall plate.