What Hurdles You Face and Solve in Making video Ads

Less expensive than a TV commercial, a video advertisement for the Internet sometimes offers superior performance thanks to its ability to interact with the user. There is the choice of the duration, constitution of the shot, adaptation according to the supports and the countries. Here are the advices to follow to realize a successful video advertisement. With video ad maker the whole process becomes much easier for you.

The Contact

The contact with the user is different depending on the media, so think the video depending on the medium where it is broadcast. On the Internet more than elsewhere, the advertiser only has a few seconds to capture the attention of users.

  • For him, the key is not the duration of the video but its rhythm: how it captures or diverts the attention of the user, the preserve, and the reward within the pack shot.
  • We must also take into account that the Web has less distribution constraints than television where a spot of 30 seconds is expensive. This is why one can imagine, on a secondary level of communication, longer video formats, in the mode of storytelling, telling a story about a product.
  • The video post roll also supports very well formats longer than pre-roll or banner, even several minutes. The user who has already seen the content of the video he was looking for is not bothered by the post roll. This is a particularly interesting format for example for movie trailers.

Since video formats are generally quite short, they must quickly highlight the proposed product or service as well as the brand. The means of attributing advertising to the brand are multiple logo, name of the brand, graphic charter, link to the website … Besides, the brand does not necessarily appear directly in the video, but for example in an overlay above or below the video. This allows obtaining aesthetic video creations. Regardless, it is always useful to include a link to the advertiser’s site at the end of the commercial.

Careful Options

Be aware of event formats that, although having a strong impact in theory, can hide part of the message or even the various elements of attribution to the brand. The video skins that appear in the background must absolutely be designed in agreement with the publisher site because they often modify the structure. The user must be able to quickly identify that it is an advertisement. The only exceptions are viral campaigns, which often include a teasing phase during which the brand does not identify itself.

In the case of advertisers who work a lot the branding of their brands and the identification thereof by means of styles and graphic charts, for example, and if there is recurrence of speaking in the same form, the mention the name of the brands at first glance is less essential. But it is too early for the moment on the Internet to enjoy this experience.