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Leo Berenguel
702-425-1448 or 702-448-2830

My Business Experience and Video

Why have a website?

• If you answer yes to any off these questions, then you need a website.
• I need more sales?
• I want to be ahead of my competition?
• I want my business to be seen as a progressive company.
• I want to be pro active in my sales approach.
• I want to be in touch with my customers.

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I have been involved in web development, SEO and website management for many years and have a good understanding of my client's needs and wants.

I am an independent website design / Designer - which means I can deliver On Time, Bottom-Line Business Results that fits your budget, without sacrificing the Quality and individual attention your website needs. Whether it’s an Information Site, Business E-commerce site, Corporate site or even a custom developed internet web application that will help your employees better serve your clients locally or worldwide,

The main reason you wanted a web site is to get traffic into your site or get more sales. Let me help you get the traffic your site deserves. Even if its an existing site, let me evaluate it to see what needs to be done to make it Search engine friendly.

When you hire, you get my personalized Web Design that is created or managed by me, from start to finish, you'll have my personal attention and your goals in mind while working on your project.

So let your imagination loose and let me create it for you. I enjoy the challenge that each new project brings me. It all starts with your idea. If you need help getting started, give me a call. You won’t be disappointed.

702-425-1448 or 702-448-2830

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Custom Web

Planning for Website Success

If you need an information website for your business, you have a lot of choices on how you can get your pages done.

Use a do it your-self software program. Use a Website that uses Templates and simply plug in your content. Use a Web Design Tool that is provided by your Host Provider. Use a, a Las Vegas web design professional to develop your site for you.

You can have a usable homepage with information about your products or services, detail pages and a contact page with emailing information. You can let you client know about your site and have them find you by searching your name. This is as far as you can get with this type of web site. What about the rest of potential clients that is viewing your competitors website because they invested the time and money into creating a site that gets new business for them.

You want to reach new customers looking for your products and services. The trick is to get a website that goes beyond the basic four to six page template website. You want a website that attracts the new visitors that have never even heard of your company, its products or services.

You will need to do research on how to reach these targeted buyers. You can do this yourself or with a qualified Las Vegas web development team to get where you need to be. This type of research is essential in maximizing the return on your investment.

You now need to attract these potential buyers to your business. Once they are viewing your website, you need to keep them there. It is with careful planning and execution, that website owners can accomplish these goals. So don’t just publish a website that doesn’t do anything.

Research your target market, Plan and execute a well-researched web development that promotes your website to the needs of your targeted new clients.

If you need an E-commerce site that sells online, then you will need a lot more planning to make the site successful. Again, the first problem is how do you get them there. This is accomplished by creating an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign for your website. You need to make sure that your pages are optimized so that the search engines that visit your site can easily crawl and index your site so that it can let the rest of the world know what it is you have or sell. You would also need to Contact other web sites that are in your business category to link your web site from their site so that their visitors will visit your website, thus creating more traffic for you and increasing your Ranking popularity with the search engines.

Most business owners are happy to get an increase in their sales after creation of their website. What if you could create a website that can outperform your current local sales, that would be what I would want if I was a business owner. Well it is possible if you have a product or service that appeals to the masses and can be easily sold online.

But how can you do this? The answer is not a simple answer, Just like opening a store for your walk in clients, an E-commerce store must be interesting enough to keep your shopper browsing and shopping in your web store. You must give them something to come back for. This is where and my team can help. An effective navigation and search function, shopping carts and Online Merchant Processing must be implemented to help your visitors find the product or service they are looking for. With the proper follow up campaign, you could keep that customer coming back for more. If you have the right products and services, the right research, the right Las Vegas Web development and proper planning, you can accomplish these goals.

By Leo Berenguel

Providing Las Vegas web design - Las Vegas website design - Las Vegas web development

Copyright 2009

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Las Vegas Web Design

One of the most popularly used web design techniques of today is called the Tableless Web Design or the Tableless Web Layout. This has been around since the start of Style Sheet Languages including CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language). Instead of HTML tables, style sheet languages such as CSS are used to arrange elements and text on a web page. CSS was introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to improve web accessibility and to make HTML code semantic rather than presentational.

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Use of Tables in Modern Day Web Design

Because of the term "tableless web design", some have interpreted this design strategy as an unconditional repudiation of all tables in web design. This has caused some to avoid tables even when tables are appropriate. Using divisions to simulate a table for the display of tabular data is as much a design flaw as using tables to simulate a division. Some sources clarify this distinction by using the more specific term "tableless web layout".

On the other hand, using tables in web design, although most common, does not necessarily equate to using the table element (and related elements) defined in HTML 4.0. CSS also specifies a "table model" which allows the semantics of "tabular representation" to be applied: the "display: table" element. In this way, the decision and definition for tables is transferred from HTML to CSS. One reason this distinction is sometimes overlooked is because of the lack of support for the CSS table model in Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer 8 is the first version of the browser to support the CSS table model. With HTML

One of the most popularly used web design techniques of today is called the Tableless Web Design or the Tableless Web Layout. This has been around since the start of Style Sheet Languages including CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) and XSL (Extensible Stylesheet Language). Instead of HTML tables, style sheet languages such as CSS are used to arrange elements and text on a web page. CSS was introduced by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to improve web accessibility and to make HTML code semantic rather than presentational.

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The Start of Tableless Web Design

HTML was originally designed for sharing scientific documents and research papers online. But as the Internet grew into the mainstream in the, and became more media oriented, graphic designers sought ways to control the appearance of the Web pages presented to end users, which is by designing a layout of the page. To this end, tables and spacers have been used to create and maintain page layout.

Though very effective, this caused a number of problems. Many Web pages have been designed with tables nested within tables, resulting in large HTML documents which use more bandwidth. Furthermore, when a table based layout is linearized, for example when being parsed by a screen reader or a search engine, the resulting order of the content can be somewhat confusing. Visit an online Las Vegas Web Design site to learn more about using CSS in web design.

Powerful WYSIWYG editors such as the Macromedia Dreamweaver (now known as Adobe Dreamweaver) arrived on the market which meant Web designers no longer needed a good (or any) understanding of HTML to build web pages. Such editors indirectly encourage extensive use of nested tables to position design elements. As designers edit their documents in these editors, code is added to the document which is sometimes unnecessary. Furthermore, unskilled designers may use tables more than required when using a WYSIWYG editor. This practice can lead to many tables nested within tables as well as tables with unnecessary rows and columns.

The use of graphic editors with slicing tools that output HTML and images directly also promote poor code with tables often having many rows of 1 pixel height or width. Sometimes many more lines of code are used to render content than the actual content itself.

As the World Wide Web boom receded in 2001 and the Web development industry shrank, coders with more experience and greater industry experience were in higher demand. In a large number of cases UI development was carried out by coders with greater knowledge of good coding practice. It was around this time that many became critical of messy coding practices and the idea of tableless design began to grow.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) were developed to improve the separation between design and content, and move back towards a semantic organization of content on the Web. The term "tableless design" implies the use of CSS to position HTML elements on the page but it should be noted that tables and CSS are not mutually exclusive. Many experienced HTML coders use CSS to manipulate tables frequently.

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Advantages of Tableless Web Design

There are several advantages as to why CSS is much more efficient than using tables. These are Accessibilty, Bandwidth Savings, and its Maintainability.


Because of the Internet's rapid growth, disability discrimination legislation, and the increasing use of mobile phones and PDAs, it is necessary for Web content to be made accessible to users operating a wide variety of devices. Tableless Web design considerably improves Web accessibility in this respect. Screen readers and braille devices have fewer problems with tableless designs because they follow a logical structure.

As a result of the separation of design (CSS) and structure (HTML), it is also possible to provide different layouts for different devices, e.g. handhelds, mobile phones, etc. It is also possible to specify a different style sheet for print, e.g. to hide or modify the appearance of advertisements or navigation elements that are irrelevant and a nuisance in the printable version of the page. Check out and visit an online Las Vegas Web design site to learn more of what CSS can do for a web site.

Bandwidth Savings

Clever implementation of tableless design can produce web pages with fewer HTML tags thus reducing page download times. Using external style sheets to position page elements means more mark up language may be cached and further reduce download times for subsequent pages using the same resources.

Poor implementation of tableless design can result in many more lines of code used per page element which can increase download time. Tables have a defined set of rules which are clear and concise while tableless design often involves working around browser inconsistencies.

Tableless design does not necessarily imply bandwidth savings. If implemented correctly, the bandwidth savings are generally minor at best. It is still possible to build a lightweight web page with tables. The use of WYSIWYG editors or the technique used by the web page's author will have a much greater influence on page download times.


Maintaining a website may require frequent changes, both small and large, to the visual style of a website, depending on the purpose of the site. Under table-based layout, the layout is part of the HTML itself. As such, without the aid of template-based visual editors such as HTML editors, changing the positional layout of elements on a whole site may require a great deal of effort, depending on the amount of repetitive changes required. Even employing sed or similar global find-and-replace utilities cannot alleviate the problem entirely.

In tableless layout using CSS, virtually all of the layout information resides in one place: the CSS document. Because the layout information is centralized, these changes can be made quickly and globally by default. The HTML files themselves do not, usually, need to be adjusted when making layout changes. If they do, it is usually to add class-tags to specific markup elements or to change the grouping of various sections with respect to one another. Learn how professional web designers use CSS to maximize the usability and effectivity of web sites by visiting an online Las Vegas Web design site.

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Good Graphic Design improves your Website's Quality

To get the most out of your website, you need to choose a good graphic design. It can be of full colors that blend with your design logo or it can be more sophisticated giving your site a more professional impact.

Your site's graphic design can vary from a lot of styles and approach depending on what you choose., Las Vegas Web Design provides you with a range of choices that could fit the needs of your site design.

There are five basic factors that most professional graphic designers consider. These are Flow, Symmetry, Dimension, Harmony, and Influence.

a. Flow - Web elements should move accordingly from each other. A good web design should have well-synchronized objects. Just like in singing, it should be in tune.

b. Symmetry – a good graphic design lets your users navigate your site without scrolling too much. Information and graphics should not stick out of the borders. It should be properly set so the page won't look too heavy on the other side compared to the other.

c. Dimension - Do not design your site with small dark blue fonts on the left while cram your huge images on the right. Make sure that all sides are equally designed.

d. Harmony - Have a uniform color scheme, icons, and fonts. Avoid jumbling up colors that would have your site look like it goes from one way to the other. Make sure that the design you have is pleasing to the eyes.

e. Influence – Make the elements of your page clear. If you want visitors to easily notice something on your page, highlight it. Make use of graphics and put your navigation bar on areas that can be easily seen., Las Vegas Web Design knows the importance of these factors. Thus, quality web design for your site can be easily reached.

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Web Hosting 101

Starting a business online requires you to know some web basics. First, choose a unique name that best describes the products your site is selling. This name shall be known as your domain which you will use to register your site. You will need a web host in order to do this.

A web host is the place where you publish your website and make it accessible via the World Wide Web. They are companies that provides space on a server they own or rented. Las Vegas Web Developers specializes in providing you with the quality service your site needs.

Web hosting services are offered in many different types. They are many free and paid providers offering these services. Some are as follows:

Free Web Hosts. If you prefer to put a gallery or blog, you can get free web hosting from a variety of providers online. But if you prefer a business site, the features and reliability that free web hosts offers may not be well-suited.

Internet Service Provider (ISP). Usually offers free web pages to their email customers. Just like in Yahoo!, users can enjoy having a web page for free provided that ads are posted on your pages. Note that the service is limited in features and storages. Generally, this is recommended for personal use.

Host Domain. This goes by buying only a domain while hosting your site to a free hosting service or ISP. The advantage of this is that its affordable plus you can brand your URL.

Paid Web Host. You can pay a monthly or yearly fee to a certain web host company. Features and storage sizes vary from different companies. You can pick from a variety of choices like CGI, ASP, ecommerce, database support, SSL, bandwidth and additional storage space.

Direct Internet Access. This service lets you host the site yourself, and gain control over your own server. This is ideal for companies that needs large data centers and can hire expert staffs to provide server maintenance.

Co-Location. This is ideal for people who want to own or rent a server while keeping in control over the web server and its architecture without having an IT department to maintain it., Las Vegas Web Design can mage your hosting needs if needed.

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Create a More Dynamic Web Presence, Use FLASH design!

Web marketing today is filled with competitors and one way of outlasting them is by creating a site that is more unique and more dynamic. Using the latest technology, you can transform your site from being plain to trendy. Think it and let Poweredbylbtech custom Flash Designs create it for you.

Most sites today uses flash in a variety of ways. Notice that some requires you to download and install Macromedia Flash Player in order to play videos or movie previews. Some site owners may not know the full advantage of Flash Technology beyond its most common use. Las Vegas Flash Designers will help you maximize your site's creative potentials using the Flash advantage.

Some sites are basically made using a code called HTML. This enables you to display a picture or an article to your site, however its limited fixed positions doesn't allow you to put animations on your site. In order to animate a site, programmers before uses images in GIF formats and applets called JAVA. However, they take some time to load and some have kinks such as limited color usage. By using Flash, it goes beyond the limit of a normal HTML format which lets you create a more dynamic and more interactive type of animation.

Equipped with the latest technology, Las Vegas Flash Designers can bring your site design to a new-level. Users can now watch movies, play interactive games, and many more. They can even click and drag photos rather than the traditional copy and paste.

Using its standard full-color images which can range up to 250 colors, flash can play movies with a higher resolution and a faster loading rate. With today’s high-speed net connection, you can enjoy playing your movies without waiting long hours for it to load.

So if you need a Las Vegas Flash Designer today, Poweredbylbtech is here to serve you. Make your site more dynamic so that your online customer's can surely enjoy.

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Maximizing Your Email Service

If back then the usual ways of greeting your customers are smiles and handshakes, today using email is the most effective way. Email accounts can range from one or more depending on the type of hosting service you are subscribed to.

If you have a very basic web site and mainly contain your profile information such as qualification or company overviews, then using a single email account will do. But for bigger businesses, the quality of email service is a must. Las Vegas Web Design can help you pick out the best option you have on the web.

Email services can let you keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis. You can also use this to welcome new site visitors, send newsletters, or even set-up an inter-office email network.

These email accounts can either be independent or linked. Example is Google's Gmail which offers users to send email messages as well as a chat service. It comes along with a great search feature that allows you to locate your email messages instantly. On the other hand, it comes on POP access and ads are shown on your page. Other email services that offer you a variety of features like Fastmail offers IMAP access, Yahoo! includes a spam filter, AIM mail offers 2GB of extra storage space and spam guards, and some like Goowy Mail comes in a unique desktop program that gives you a calendar as well as an RSS feeder.

There are lots of other Email services offered on the web. Take a look around and search what's best for your business.

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