Try Amazon’s reviewer programs

Your business can encourage shoppers to share their product experiences through several methods, including Amazon Vine™ and the Early Reviewer Program. Amazon operates and manages each of these programs.

A few key details on Amazon Vine™ and the Early Reviewer Program include:

Amazon Vine™: If you’re a wholesale provider, you can use Amazon Vine™. For this service, you’ll provide Amazon with a sample of your product, which Amazon then delivers to its top reviewers. Once a reviewer receives your product, they’ll submit their review.

Early Reviewer Program: If your inventory includes products with less than five reviews and price tags above $15, you can use the Early Reviewer Program. In this program, Amazon solicits reviews on your behalf for one year or until you receive five reviews.

With these two programs, you can earn genuine reviews for your products. If your products receive high praise from users, it’s likely they’ll have a positive impact on the purchase decisions of other shoppers.

And according to analysts, those reviews can increase sales by almost 20 percent.

Add helpful packaging inserts to shipments

With useful product packaging holyoke ma inserts, you can encourage reviews from customers, plus build their brand awareness. For example, your products can include a brochure on different details or features— and a call-to-action (CTA) for shoppers to share their experience on Amazon.

In this scenario, you’re offering valuable information to customers. The initiative on your company’s part can lead to shoppers not only posting a review of your product but purchasing additional items from your company.

Promote Amazon reviews on other marketing platforms

If you want to maximize the value of your Amazon reviews, it’s worth promoting them across different platforms. For example, as a part of your social media strategy, you can occasionally share screenshots of what shoppers are saying on Amazon.

Sharing those reviews with your followers on social media — or even your email subscribers — can generate some curiosity and buzz about your product. It can encourage users to view your product listing and add it to their shopping carts.

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Respond to customer reviews, good and bad

A lot of times, businesses make the mistake of ignoring their reviews, whether they’re positive or negative. Don’t follow that trend. Instead, adopt an active role and engage with your customers on Amazon.

If they love the product, thank them — and if they don’t, respond and see what you can do. With a proactive approach, you can turn a dissatisfied customer into a satisfied one. Plus, you demonstrate to potential customers that your company cares about its shoppers.

Get active in your product listing’s Q&A

No matter what you’re selling, people are going to have questions. That is why every product listing features a product questions and answers section, which appears after your product description. While other users can answer these questions, shoppers want your answer.

Monitor your product’s questions and answers section daily provide this feature as a part of your review management services. By answering shopper questions, you’re giving them all the information they need to make ainformed purchase decision.