Things you need to Know about Travel Power Cords

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The consumption of electronic equipment has never been so many past decades. 50 percent of the credit goes to smartphones. A single user may possess 2 to 3 phones continuously used like it is the lifeline. They are portable and run on battery eventually they need a power socket to hook and charge the battery so that it can serve next time. It is noticed that there are not enough wall sockets which can connect all these equipment at a time. While we travel we carry a bunch of chargers and tangled power cords to charge various electronic devices like smartphones, shavers, smartwatches, health bands, which is annoying and unnecessary load. An ideal travel power cord should exhibit the following features.

  1. It should have fire resistant plastic so that there will be minimum chances of catching fire.
  2. It should have good earth wire so as to dissipate any excess electric current which may produce.
  3. It should protect from electric surges.
  4. It should have more than one USB charging ports so as to charge more and more devices at a time.
  5. Universal plus which will support all countries.
  6. Good copper conductors which will ensure a good connection between different connectors minimizing sparks and heat.
  7. Should provide a constant power supply of 2A 5V at the USB port

You may refer the above points to choose the best travel power cord. As always it is always good to do some online research before buying products. To have some knowledge about the price of Power plug DATA [ปลั๊กไฟ data ราคา, which are the term in Thai]. These plugs are specially designed and manufactured to fill all kind of power requirements. They come with fuse and some extra features like live load meter and on and off switch. There are two types of power, with or without wire. Without the wire, plugs are mostly used by travelers as it occupies less space in their backpack, still serving the same purpose of a power plug. These power cords are not for heavy-duty applications. They are the best fit for mobile charging and other low load applications. The power plug with wire is used for heavy-duty applications like drillers, huge fans, etc. They have wide and good quality copper wiring which can handle the load easily.