Real Estate Laptops: What A Realtor Should Look For In A Laptop

There is no doubt that the market is jam-packed with a plethora of laptops from different brands that sometimes make it difficult for most realtors to decide on what specific device to buy. Because being a realtor is such a busy profession, it is important to find a laptop that meets the demands of the business at hand and that is a great value for money. Following are a few handy tips on what a realtor should look for in a laptop to ensure that they buy the right device that suits their business needs.


Because most real estate jobs demand more physical paperwork than usual, portability is an important feature realtors should always check before buying laptops. Depending on the specific distance a person covers on their way to work, one should articulate what it would be like having to carry such a device around every day. Thinking along these lines, a realtor would find it easier to choose a laptop that is of the right size and most suitable for their work.


The last thing an office worker wants is a slow laptop, and this is doubly true even for realtors. Searching for the latest graphic cards and processors can make all the difference. Realtors should look for a laptop that has at least around 8 GB of memory (RAM), that comes with either an i7 or i9 CPU, and whose hard drive contains about 256 GB at minimum. Choosing a laptop with these specs will ensure every realtor is able to handle all kinds of tasks more efficiently and more effectively.


Essential though often overlooked, the aesthetic design is another crucial area realtors should always check when purchasing laptops. More often than not, bringing a bulky and noisy laptop to meetings does not usually draw the best impression in people. Nevertheless, finding a laptop with a slim design would impress clients, especially when they ask for another realtor’s laptop in order to view their work.


Although choosing the best laptop much depends on a person’s preference and budget, the display’s resolution is another crucial area a realtor should check when buying laptops. Display’s resolution usually determines how sharp and neat a screen would appear when viewing files. Most budget laptops come in either 720p or 1080p resolution, while most high-end laptops come in Ultra HD/4K resolution. A laptop with about 1080p and above resolution has the best and clear screen display and, thus, highly efficient for realtors.

Operating System

The rule of thumb is that a person should stick with what they are familiar with, as sometimes it can be difficult to switch to a new operating system. Those who wish to make this transition should also be willing to put in the effort. Most creative professionals, even realtors, use Mac because it gives them more control over their work. Some find it comfortable working on Windows since it is easier to use than Mac. Otherwise, realtors should choose a laptop with an operating system they are familiar with and that allows them to meet their everyday work demands with much ease.

Above is a handy guide with tips on what a realtor should look for in a laptop to ensure that they choose the right device that most fits their business needs. Following these tips will make the task of choosing the best laptop easy and less daunting for realtors.