How to Deal with Ps4 Getting Too Hot Issues

If you have a too hot PS4 that often overheats, several of you perhaps get astonished regarding your gadget and may not choose to open it. For those, merely cleaning off may do great, but if that does not work, you will have to open up the console.

  • Find a soft brush, as well as dust off on the sides of the console — dirt off all over where you see dust.
  • Then, flip the PS4 on the top. You are going to find no screws or anything else on the back, so proceed and just pull the half-cover off.
  • We are most likely to be using a container of compressed air. So, for each little opening, we will blow in the air from the can sometimes. Spray almost everywhere where you think there could be dust.
  • Next, we will carry out the hard-drive off. Hell, every player needs a screwdriver established if you are most likely to be doing the maintenance yourself.
  • Open the leading screw at the side, as well as the hard disk drive comes off. The hard drive just has one screwdriver affixed.
  • Blow in some tinned air once more on the revealed area. Now, this is an optional action; however, you can still proceed for making certain the dust if completely off. You have to take off all the seven screws off the disk drive.
  • As soon as you opened every screw from an all-time low, the compressed air can be blown again. Presuming you did not take off the screws, it’s still okay. Currently, turn the PS4 to base. A total of three screws are there on the corners of the PS4. Open them, as well as pop the entire cover off.
  • Using canned air, clean the cover. You can utilize a soft cloth to clean it as well. Now you will need to open the battery component.
  • The battery cover has fairly lengthy screws, so beware of them. You will be able to watch the fan as well. Clean the fan’s blades as well. My advice is to blow a canister of full air right into the fan.