How to Create Your App For Your Business


Apps are the modern and effective way to network your customers with your company and already indispensable for every smartphone user. You always have your cell phone with you. With the help of an app, information is passed on to your customers without any loss of time.

This guide will help create a successful app tailored to your business without any programming knowledge.

Inform Your Customers

  • Announce your future app on your website
  • Advertise in your emails/newsletters, on Facebook and Twitter
  • And remember to mention your upcoming app for every personal or telephone customer contact
  • Use customer feedback to integrate customer requests into your future app
  • Treat your future app as a new product in advertising terms

Your customers are in the picture and waiting, but where do you start? Create an android application [buat aplikasi android which is the term in Indonesia] for your customers.

  • First, think about what content and features your customers need
  • Then decide which package best suits your customer’s needs
  • If you are unsure, you can always start with the free starter pack and upgrade later at any time
  • Our support team will also be happy to help you decide which package is right for your business

Lots Of Time To Design Your App

You need an app kit. After registering, you can start right away. The site guides you through the creation process quickly and easily.

  • You can click on the individual blocks and edit them one by one
  • Keep an eye on the benefits for your customers when choosing
  • If in doubt, start smaller. In hindsight, you can also expand your app at any time for free with new blocks
  • The site is easy to use, self-explanatory, and provided with helpful hints

Make The App Part Of Your Business

Your app is ready. Spread the good news: Make any customer contact by pointing to your app.

  • Link the app to your website and social media pages. This allows smartphone users to access the app directly
  • Even in emails and newsletters, the Link to your app can be easily accommodated
  • Use the QR code as a link to your app in customer letters, such as leaflets, flyers, or invoices