Hosting and Security: A Growing Concern

A business having a website must be aware of the criminal activities lurking at every corner and looking for vulnerable points. A website used for large scale business purpose is the target for many cyber-attacks. That is why security must be of utmost importance to any business and hosting provider. A hosting provider is the one who makes the websites secure from future attacks.

A website for a business has important data from the clients, customers and also regarding the business owners. Once the information can be accessed, these can be easily used for fraudulent purposes by the attackers. That is why it is necessary to stop the attacks even before these could actually take place. While some of the attackers actually attack with a purpose to steal from the website, some do it just to disrupt the traffic to a particular website. In case of the second kind of attack, the website faces a prolonged downtime which ultimately affects the business. Security is one of the primary concerns of hosting providers like

DDoS prevention

This is a kind of attack that cannot be stopped once it is in work. Distributed Denial of Service or DDoS is a comparatively effective cyber-attack yet a simple one. It can plague the popular websites disrupting services. In case of DDoS attack, a site is flooded with so much traffic that it becomes unavailable to genuine visitors. The hosting provider has to take precaution to prevent DDoS before the attack happens. Make sure to choose a provider who offers DDoS protection to ensure your website can serve people properly.


When it comes to larger sites, backups are really necessary. When you have a frequent and automatic backup option, the site uptime can be maximized even in case of server failures. Frequent automatic backups do not need human intervention while the latest information from the site gets stored. Encryption adds a layer of additional security to the backups.