Don’t Reinstall – Reset Your WordPress Site Easily

Are you going to Reinstall your WordPress Website? If yes, what was your reason? You will rarely think about uninstalling and reinstalling WordPress Website. There are several reasons you may want to reinstall WordPress site. The most common thing is you are developing a WordPress site and something went wrong. After trying numerous fixes to solve the issue and getting no result.

If you are a WordPress developer and you are testing a lot of things for your client, you probably want to start over from scratch frequently. Some people uninstall/reinstall WordPress to start over from scratch. You can uninstall and reinstall the site to start from scratch but there is a simple solution available to save your precious time. We recommend you to use WordPress Reset Plugin WP Reset to reset your site instead of uninstalling and reinstalling.

Why WP Reset?

You may find some WordPress Reset Plugin on the web but some unique features make WP Reset favourite for developers and non-developers. Here check what makes WP Reset our best.

One-Click Reset Option

Whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation, WP Reset can help you. Just click the reset option and wait for a few seconds to get a site from scratch. It’s as easy and as fast as it sounds.

Post-Reset Option

You won’t need to manually set options or reactivate themes and plugins if you are using WP Reset. This helps you to use your current plugins and themes after the website reset.

Delete Transients Only

WP Reset comes with some awesome features and one of them is the option to delete transients only. Go to the Plugins settings option and select tool. There you can see the option to delete transients. It will delete all transients database entries permanently.

Delete Plugins and Themes

If you want to delete your Plugins and Themes only from the site, you can. Go to WP Reset’s tools menu and scroll down to delete all themes and all plugins.

Delete .htaccess File

You won’t need to delete the .htaccess file from your hosting if you use WP Reset. The Plugin gives you the option to delete .htaccess File. This action deletes the .htaccess file located in your server.

Before proceeding with WP Reset, you should take a back up because WP Reset does not make any backups.