Best Places to Photograph in New York

New York is a city that may be overwhelming at first sight. But when you look at everything, you find incredible places to photograph. Here are the 4 most beautiful places to photograph in New York.

·Brooklyn Bridge

For me, the best time to photograph there is early morning, around 7:30 am until 9:00 am which is when the first tourists start to appear.

The problem is that it is never empty. We went early and got good photos, with few or no people showing up.

If you want to photograph it and the Manhattan Bridge which I find equally beautiful from outside, I recommend you go to the Fulton Ferry State Park/Brooklyn Bridge Park which is close to each other.

At this time the light is beautiful, and the sun sets just behind the Brooklyn Bridge, so the view is even more special. can be a good place to look for more suggestions.


The Dumbo-meaning Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass-is another place to be photographed with a beautiful view. But you also have to get there early to get a picture like that, with no other besides you. Not only are the streets pedestrianized, so before you rush off to take the picture, it’s best to look good.


The Oculus is more than just a subway station; it is now one of New York’s icons. It’s a great subject for photos with towering architecture, both inside and outside.

It’s one of those amazing places to take great pictures, whether with people, or during the day, or nearly empty-what happens at night, starting at 11 p.m.

·Grand Central Station

During the day and at night, the Grand Central Station is very busy. There’s one of the places where the schedule doesn’t have much to think about. The idea is to go and enjoy moving and walking people from one place to another when you can. Or use these beautiful lights and chandeliers to compose a photograph.

Final Words

Having the best scenes or areas to take photos is one secrete of greatest photos of mankind. New York is one of those areas in the world where you never run out of this opportunity.