4 Things To Keep In Mind For An Effective Text Analytics Solution

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CX platforms involve basic text analytic software that is a part of a broader solution and covers engagement, surveying, and communicating with the customer. But CX solutions come with their own set of disadvantages as organizations are confined to only using text analytic components that  correspond to customer experience data. If a particular organization is looking forward to applying text analytic data from other spheres of the business, a source for text analytics solution is a must.

With the above points in mind, here are 4 considerations that will help you to choose a comprehensive analytics solution for your organizational needs.

  1. Level Of Accuracy And Insights: The most important and valuable data for an organization is the open–ended feedback of their customers. Feedback must contain how customers feel about products and services, as this will give you valuable insight into what is working for the customers and what is not. The right solution will accurately asses and convey this information, thereby improving your CX.
  2. Timing of Results: Before using text analytics solutions, most organizations used the manual approach. This includes the manual reading of each comment verbatim and hand categorizing them as well. Sometimes this was outsourced to a third party and sometimes it was conducted internally. Either way, this approach had a few limitations, the most pressing being that results were often measured in a few days or weeks, which meant that this solution wasn’t scalable. Thankfully, text analytics software is able to speed this process up to a few minutes, making the entire solution scalable to any level.
  3. Easily Consumed Output: Within business, text analytics software is used by many people – indirectly and directly. So an analyst who’s using the actual software, for example, must be able to share insights that are easily understandable by the relevant people within an organization and are useful for improving the overall customer satisfaction. As such, it is essential that the output from text analytics software be easy to read and understand.
  4. Trial Using Your Own Data: The above-mentioned requirements are vital to deciding the right solution for your business. But before putting this solution into practice, you must put it to the test. You may need to invest some amount of time and expense to testing these tools and software, but in the long run it will be worth it, as it will only help you in making the right choice.

Provalis Research offers text analytics software that complies with all the above requirements, making it highly beneficial for any organization.