3 Cyber Attack Prevention Tips And Tricks That Are Quite Effective

Cybercriminals show no mercy no matter the size of the business they hijack. Whilst bigger firms suffer losses, yet they manage to recover from the setback, but not everyone is so lucky. Small businesses with limited funds cripple under the weight of hacking and they collapse thereafter.

Amongst the million ways that hackers use to breach the data security of a company, the most frequent ones are given below.

  • Viruses like a trojan horse
  • Malware like ransomware and cryptojack
  • Phishing websites and spear phishing emails
  • Obsolete and stale passwords for DVR and other IoT devices

Now, these are the ways that hackers use to outsmart your security system. But the guide given below is a compilation of tips and tricks that you can use to outsmart hackers and protect your business.

  1. OS Protection

Since all devices, including the DVR, use some or the other OS, you must install software protection tools to reduce the hacking threat. The most important types of such tools are given below.

  • Antivirus Tools – Antivirus tools are needed to keep the system clean from viruses. They are also useful since they can be used to run scans on all devices and softwares to ensure they’re all clear
  • Anti-Phishing Tools – Spear phishing filters reduce hacking attempts to half by identifying malicious emails and websites that can then be blocked immediately

Other than having such tools, you must also remember to install software updates whenever they’re made available.

  1. Proper Password Protection

Use secured tools to generate a secure password for the DVR system and the other IoT devices. Also, you must aim to scatter the sensitive information in different devices instead of saving it all in a single device within the same file. It helps in minimizing the damage that a company otherwise has to suffer if hacked. The information scattering method and password protecting every device – ensuring that each device is given a different password – ensure that the hackers are unable to steal all the information. As a result, the losses are reduced drastically.

  1. Unconventional Security Methods

The most unconventional and underrated, yet highly advantageous method of discouraging hackers is hiring white hat hackers. White hat hackers or ethical hackers fix bugs, identify hidden bugs within the codes, and help in recovering the businesses post suffering a cyber attack. You can find them with the help of bounty programs or by approaching cybersecurity companies that have a team of cybersecurity experts and white collars hackers working for them.