3 Best Must-Know Advantages Of Database And Code Transformation Services For IBM I Modernization


It’s no more a secret that many IBM features are becoming obsolete due to the incompatibility of old IBM languages with modern technologies. So, does it mean that IBM I apps are meeting their end? Well, absolutely not. Despite IBM OS is less agile, the efficiency and productivity of IBM I apps is incomparable. Therefore, what’s needed is to modernize the IBM I apps so that they can be made compatible with the latest technologies and modern computer languages. The benefits of doing so are given below.

  • High-quality code generation
  • Generation of cost-effective unicodes that run on all devices
  • Integration with modern UI’s like GUI for better features like graphical icons
  • Better coding options for programmers to come up with innovative designs
  • Swift navigable apps with minimal buffering time for easy loading

And now that you know why to modernize IBM I applications, it’s time that you learn about the most important transformation service, Code and Database Transformation.

What Are The Advantages Of Database And Code Transformation?

To begin with, code generation is the basic reason for overall modernization. Since codes are responsible for the performance of apps and products, it’s absolutely necessary to improve their quality as much as possible. Now, circling back to the benefits and advantages of IBM i code transformation with Fresche Solutions, the list below is just what you need.

  1. Better App Features

Database modernization allows the integration of new technologies with IBM I applications. It gives programmers a platform to utilize existing features to design apps with better features like:

  • A graphical user interface with visual indicators to demonstrate logos that aren’t text-based anymore
  • Smooth navigation and high data transfer speed to make apps light and bug-free
  1. Advanced Web Compatibility

Compatibility is the first reason that IBM I apps require database modernization. This is because IBM OS is incompatible with modern languages. So, when database transformation takes place, it offers the following benefits.

  • Modernized IBM I apps run on all mobile devices with a stunning speed
  • Green screens that are converted into advanced UI’s after the conversion of CL and RPG into Java are highly web responsive
  1. Perfect Data Analysis

Code and database modernization tools by Fresche offer data analysis on code quality and the impact of overall modernization. And the benefits of such analysis are given below.

  • It becomes easier to find out what technologies are suitable for your business
  • Multiple projects can be run simultaneously and still be completed on time